University Tuition WINTER 2021 (December 1st)

"How Do I Qualify"

We are asking after you complete registration, each student emails us 5-10 art examples. This can include, pencil drawings, previously made pencil tests, concept art, background paintings, or animated shorts. Some drawing experience is required. We want to ensure each student gets the most out of Don Bluth University Animation Program and no one gets left behind.

"What Classes Are Being Taught?"

Don Bluth has created an in depth curriculum to advance any artists ability. Completely jam-packed with exceptional techniques and secrets. Don Bluth will motivate you to greater heights, whether you're a student in training or a seasoned professional. Classes include:


  1. Class 01: Draftsmanship (6 weeks)
  2. Class 02: Intro to Animation (6 weeks)
  3. Class 03: Animation Timing (6 weeks)
  4. Class 04: The Art of Storyboarding (6 weeks)
  5. Class 05: The Art of Layout (6 weeks)
  6. Class 06: Principles of Acting (6 weeks)
  7. Class 07: Script Writing for Animation (4 weeks)
  8. Class 08: Orchestration of Color (2 weeks)
  9. Class 09: Producing A Short (9 weeks)
  10. Class 10: Masterclass in Arizona (1 week in Arizona)

"How Much Does It Cost?"

Tuition for the entire year is $10,000. This includes all 9 online classes and the end of the year Masterclass in Scottsdale, Arizona. A total of 52 full weeks learning from Don Bluth himself. Each class has a new assignment every week on Monday and is due at the end of the week to be discussed online Live with Don Bluth. Students can email questions in during the week for help on their assignments.

"Do You Help With Student Loans?"

If you cannot pay the full tuition and you need help finding loans, contact us and we will help, call (480) 236-0850. If you currently have a bank you use, we suggest you try them first for a loan. We are not accredited, so you may have to get a personal loan. If you would like to contact some of banks we use. They are listed below. (coming soon)

"Do you have a refund policy?"

Although there is great interest in obtaining animation lessons from Don Bluth at Don Bluth University, we can only enroll twenty-one people per session so every student has a positive experience within the small online class during the critique of the student’s work. With that in mind, we do not offer Refunds if a student later decides to withdraw after the session begins since it is impossible for us to replace that student at that time. If by any chance we need to stop the classes you will be refunded for the remaining classes in the school year.

"What materials will I need?"

We do not supply the materials for the animation program. The materials you will need for the full year includes:

1. Animation Paper
You can use 12 field animation paper or 16 field animation paper.

2. Animation Pegs or an Animation Desk
Animation pegs make it so you can keep your paper registered so the animation doesn't wobble or jitter. An animation desk is a full function drawing board that will keep your animation registered.

3. Scanner
We use a Mustek A3 1200 Pro Flatbed Scanner & Epson GT-20000 here at the school. However you can use any scanner that allows you to place pegs on the scanner to keep registration.

4. Timeline software
Once you scan your drawings you have to be able to view your animation. You can use a number of software programs including: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, TV Paint, Digicel's Flipbook, Toonboom, and many more. If you are familiar with any of these programs it would be best to use the one you have some experience with.

5. Broadband internet
You will need a fast internet connection for the live classes with Don Bluth, if you have cable internet you are all set.

6. Metronome
A metronome is a way of clicking off time. This is important for timing and planning your animation. You can type "metronome" on Google and they have one available on screen for free. You can also find apps on your phone with free metronomes.
Winter 2021 Curriculum
Starts (Dec 2021 - Dec 2022)
Class 01: Draftsmanship
Class 02: Intro to Animation
Class 03: Animation Timing
Class 04: The Art of Storyboarding
Class 05: The Art of Layout
Class 06: Principles of Acting
Class 07: Script Writing for Animation
Class 08: Orchestration of Color
Class 09: Producing A Short
Class 10: Masterclass in Arizona

Contact Us :

Phone: (480) 236-0850

We are here to answer any of your questions regarding Don Bluth University. Thank you for visiting our school.